Pegasus Air Boots

Pegasus AirBoots are constructed of the highest quality, closed cell neoprene available, PERFORATED for cooling breath-ability. The ventilated material allows excess heat and moisture to dissipate.

Upward support is provided to the fetlock area by an extra wide strap in a traditional bandage style… No slippage occurs when wet, making PEGASUS AIRBOOTS of particular interest to ‘Eventers’ and ‘Endurance’ riders.

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The Safe Clip

the Clip from Smart Tie - Available at Pegasus Canada
The Safe Clip, safe, secure and convenient, The Safe Clip has revolutionized the way we tie our horses. No more struggling with knots ~ a simple pull of the rope allows you to effortlessly adjust the length. It’s that easy! The Safe Clip provides an easy transition from one location to the next, safely securing your horse wherever you go.
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Increase your options with the Smart Tie TetherRing.
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The Saddle-Pal™

is designed for the horse event competitor and solves a unique problem for many people traveling to horse shows, competitions and events… where to store your saddle during these competitions?
You can use the Saddle-Pal™ on any solid surface up to 2 inches wide and hang your saddle! Fence rails, stall walls, virtually any solid surface up to 2 inches thick that will hold the weight of a saddle.

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