Pegasus Air Boots

Pegasus Boots


The unique design conforms perfectly to legs, small to large and front to hind.

‘Simple Sizing’ means that you can be confident that the fit will be correct… and, it’s possible to use the same pair of boots on different horses.


The fully adjustable wrap extends 10 mm of protection from the delicate splint area to the exterior of the leg in a unique, conforming overlap.

Upward support is provided to the fetlock area by an extra wide strap in a traditional bandage style… No slippage occurs when wet, making PEGASUS AIRBOOTS of particular interest to ‘Eventers’ and ‘Endurance’ riders.

Style and Durability

Slim, classic lines enhance your horse’s beauty. Luxurious Ultrasuede ™ and embroidered detailing give your AirBoots a quality look and feel.

Easy Care and Long Life

PEGASUS AIRBOOTS are completely machine washable.

In addition, Ultrasuede™ strap covers stop the fray and tearing that shorten the life of many protective horse boots.

See our Gators Boot Covers – Ideal for rides that take you through brush and stickers – saving you cleanup time afterward.


Colours Available

$85.00 + tx / pair

Pegasus Boots - solid Black


Pegasus Boots - White


Pegasus Boots - Royal Blue

Royal Blue

Out of Stock

Pegasus Boots - Bison Beige

Bison Beige

Pegasus Boots - Pink


Pegasus Boots - Solid Ice

Solid Ice

Pegasus Boots - Rodeo Red

Rodeo Red

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Pegasus Boots - Zebra


Pegasus Boots


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Pegasus Boots Black/Lime Green

Black/Lime Green

Pegasus Boots - Black/Rich Green

Black/Rich Green

Pegasus Boots


Out of Stock

Pegasus Boots -Wild Violet